Are LED’s Worth the Savings?

Are LED’s Worth the Savings?

This day and age everyone pretty much uses either LEDs or CFLs for their lights. Let’s talk about the difference between LEDs and CFLs and what the difference means in savings. If you want to save money on your electric bill, light bulbs are the first things to consider.

When most people need to replace their light bulbs, the cost is the biggest factor in their decision. But the actual cost includes more than just the upfront price of each bulb you buy; you should also factor in how much each option will cost to operate over the years.




Approximate cost per bulb



Average lifespan

8,000 hours

25,000 hours

Watts used



No. of bulbs needed for 25,000 hours of use



The total purchase price of bulbs over 23 years



The total cost of electricity used (25,000 hours at $0.12 per kWh)



Total operational cost over 23 years



Let’s put cost aside for a moment and look at these lighting options based solely on quality and other important factors. Here are some pros and cons of CFLs vs. LEDs:

CFL Light Bulbs


  • Use less energy than incandescent bulbs

  • Cost less than LED light bulbs

  • Produce extremely bright light that spreads evenly

  • Available in soft, warm, and bright white hues


  • Cannot be used with a dimmer switch

  • Take a few moments to heat up and reach full brightness

  • Contain mercury, a toxic heavy metal

  • Can be sensitive to cold temperatures

  • When the light can get extremely hot

LED Light Bulbs


  • Light up immediately

  • Don’t heat up much at all – they stay cool to the touch even after use

  • Last up to five times longer than CFLs

  • No sensitivity to cold temperatures

  • Do not contain mercury

  • Some models can be used with a dimmer switch

  • Available in soft, warm, and daytime lights (which are my favs)

Cons: (none)

A few years ago when LED light bulbs first were introduced to the public they were very expensive which resulted in a a big up-front investment.  I was excited to save money on my power bill each month, but I was paying nearly $25 per bulb and not to mention that the build wasn’t really that bright.  But now the price has fallen and they are much brighter than back in 2009 when I bought my first pack. You can pick up a 4 pack of Phillips LED Light Bulbs for less than $13.00 (that’s less than $3.25 a bulb).  

But is it really worth the money?  After moving into a new home which had CFLs in every room I decided to replace all of the lights in my house with LED light bulbs. The very next month I was excited to find savings of nearly 15%! Be mindful that it was in the fall time so I was not running my HVAC system at all.

I really feel that switching to LED lights over CFLs is a step in the right direction to save money!

A plus for the environment:  LED light bulbs contain no dangerous chemicals, allowing you to dispose of them in the same manner as incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs. Before you toss your old LED bulbs in the trash, consider recycling. Most of the LED bulbs available today are made of materials which can be recycled.

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