9 Frugal Habits

I’ve noticed that the habits of frugal people tend to be universal. While not every frugal person in the world does the things I’ve listed below, there are some common threads like not being wasteful and not being materialistic. 

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11 Making Money Apps

There's a good chance you often find yourself passing time by looking through your smartphone.  Most of the time while browsing your smartphone, you are making someone rich. Why don't you make the most of your spare time by downloading apps that can earn you extra money? 

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Tips to Setting Yourself Up for Success

Do you want to set yourself up for success?  Of course, you do if you clicked on an article to read tips on setting yourself up for success.  We all want to strive for success.  Because it seems that success in our world equals happiness.  However, what success means to each of us is a unique and individual thing, based on our specific desires and goals.

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11 Frugal Date Night Ideas

Think having a free date night is impossible? Not at all! There are many date ideas that are totally free!  Whether you're celebrating an anniversary or simply spicing up a  weekend with a friend, spouse, or someone that you are dating, these are the best date ideas that get you fun quality time with that special someone.  Here’s a few of my favorites that I like to have with my wife.

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