Saving money does not mean always buying the cheapest product. The quality of the product you are buying matters, too. Sometimes, something that costs a little more money will last longer. That might make it a better value! 

9 Frugal Habits

I’ve noticed that the habits of frugal people tend to be universal. While not every frugal person in the world does the things I’ve listed below, there are some common threads like not being wasteful and not being materialistic. 

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Frugal Family Activities

If you have a family, especially with kids, you might wonder what fun frugal activities you can do to help save some of that money.  Today, I will share with you what our family does to entertain ourselves and the benefits of the activities. 

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Tips to Setting Yourself Up for Success

Do you want to set yourself up for success?  Of course, you do if you clicked on an article to read tips on setting yourself up for success.  We all want to strive for success.  Because it seems that success in our world equals happiness.  However, what success means to each of us is a unique and individual thing, based on our specific desires and goals.

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