Easy Meals | Pantry Meals

Easy Meals | Pantry Meals

I had the pleasure of visiting Tanya from www.myforkinglife.com.  We were able to prepare a family dish by using food that you can already find in your kitchen’s pantry.  Cooking from home can help save thousands each year in restaurant cost! No more stressing about the outrageous cost of going out to eat, Tanya has you and your family covered.

A food lifestyle requires a total shift in behavior and thinking, one from quick and convenient to slow and homemade.  There’s great news! My Forking Life is a meal blog that personally provides my family with an array of flavors every day with very little effort.  If you are looking for extravagant recipes than this may not be the place to look. Myforkinglife.com’s focus in the kitchen is to create easy, delicious, and flavorful meals at a great price!

Here’s what you will find at www.myforkinglife.com :

  • Easy and quick recipes – Recipes that are not complicated to make. Life’s too short to spend all day making a complicated meal.

  • Delicious recipes – All their recipes are delicious. Ingredients cost money and they shouldn’t be wasted on gross food.

  • Flavorful recipes – Who loves dull and boring food. Hate having the same foods night after night, paying high prices at restaurants, or even worst frozen pizzas. My Forking Life provides spice and life.

  • Electric Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer recipes– I recently bought one for my own cooking needs… They make my kitchen life so much easier.

For the entire interview and cooking session with Tanya view the video below.

We made a “Tuna, Caper, Lemon Pasta” and the preparation was simple.


Penne Pasta




Mixed Garlic

Chicken Broth

3 Cans of Tuna



(Penne Pasta and the tuna can easily be substituted for another kind of pasta and meat)



1- First you want to coat the bottom of the pot in oil

2- Add your mixed garlic (or onion)

3- 2 cups of water

4- 2 cups of chicken broth

5- 1lb. Of penne pasta

6- 1 tablespoon of lemon juice

7- 2 tablespoons of capers

8- 3 cans of tuna

And sprinkle pepper for added taste

This was a quick and delicious meal which was approximately 15 minutes in preparing and cooking.  At a restaurant for a family of 6 would have easily been over $50.00, in preparing this dish at home is approximately $10 or less.  Visit www.myforkinglife.com for more easy and quick recipes.

Links mentioned in the video:

Electric Pressure Cooker:  https://amzn.to/2JrZOGs

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat Book:  https://amzn.to/2RTVfZg

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