How To Set REALISTIC Goals and Actually Achieve Them

How To Set REALISTIC Goals and Actually Achieve Them

Every year millions create New Year Resolutions to better themselves but they fall off before the first of February.  Today I want to share with you 5 ways that can help you achieve your goal. Making goals are important but you have to make them when you are ready to commit, not just because it’s January 1st.  With the right motivation you will enjoy a much better chance of accomplishing them. 

Goals big and small can be the stepping-stones to a happier life and the way we set them can make a difference to achieving them.   The path towards our goals may not always run smoothly or be easy that we would want to be, but having goals is part of what makes life good. It gives us a sense of meaning and purpose, points us in the direction we want to go.

Write it down

  • Everything starts with an idea.  I find that writing my goals daily and putting them somewhere I can see is extremely helpful.

  • Anything we think about and set our minds to, we can achieve especially when you use the tip of writing down small tasks in a day or week.

  • Finding the right direction in life is not something that happens to you, it’s something you create. This means that, at some point, you’re going to have to stop thinking about taking action and act.

  • One of the main reasons people don’t act is that they’re scared. They’re scared of messing up, scared of things not working out. 

  • Just because you take action doesn’t mean you’re committed to that path forever. You have permission to change your mind.


Stop Limiting Yourself

  • Setting goals has completely changed my life for the better. Doing so gives me motivation and a sense of direction.

  • Anyone that tries to instill limitations on others are only reflecting the limitations that they set on themselves.

  • Focus on the positive (not the pain side of things)

  • Goals are some of the most important things in life. Without goals we are aimlessly wandering.

  • By setting goals we have something to aim for and plan around.


Believe In Yourself

  • You can’t expect others to believe in you if you don’t first believe in yourself.

  • The person who thinks they can and the person who thinks they can’t are both right.

  • Anything we think about and set our minds to, we can achieve especially

  • Find a support system-  Focus on what people do, rather than what they say. If someone says they have your best interests at heart but constantly tell you why you can’t do what you want to do, that’s not support.

  • Start each day with a prayer of gratitude and you will find yourself more relaxed and in tune with achieving your goal.


Set Measurable Goals 

  • Setting realistic goals is a main reason why people live their dreams and others do not and are just dreaming about it. Of course dreaming about it is good but getting started is the only way to reach this dream.

  • A goal without a measurable outcome is like a sports competition without a scoreboard or scorekeeper.

  • Specific- Be clear on what your goal is.

  • Measurable- Include precise details in your goals so you can measure your degree of success.

  • Attainable- Make sure that you can actually achieve your goal.  Don’t overshoot, however, resist the urge to set goals that are too easy.

  • Relevant- Goals should be relevant to the direction you want your life and career to take.

  • Time-Bound- Your goals must have a deadline. This means that you know when you can celebrate success. 

  • I find that goals can be hard to follow through, especially when you are not tracking your progress.


Give Yourself Purpose

  • Purpose is a powerful weapon that can propel you forward through any situation!

  • When you’re fully paying attention to your goal and what it takes to achieve them, you start to notice things shifting and happening in your favor.

So, what will you decide to accomplish today?


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