5 Ways to Save Money with Grocery Pickup

5 Ways to Save Money with Grocery Pickup

Have you ever walked out of the grocery store spending almost double the amount that you budgeted for?  Want to cut your food budget? Today I am going to highlight 5 benefits of taking advantage of grocery curbside service.

Aside from the convenience, buying groceries online can help you save quite a bit of money.  Here are my top 5 benefits of grocery shopping online.  Let’s begin the countdown.

#5- It Saves Time

There’s a saying “time is money”. On average we spend about 60 hours on grocery shopping per year, according to Five Star Home Foods. That’s the time that we could use to make money instead of grocery shopping.  Instead of wasting an hour wandering around the store you could be doing something much more valuable like working on a side hustle or spending quality time with your family

#4- You Can Take Instant Inventory

Another advantage of ordering online is that it gives you the chance to take stock of what you have already. I don’t know about you, but end up buying  something I already have at home because, once I get to the store, I can’t remember if we’ve run out or not.

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#3- Make Sure that You are Getting the Best Deals

Shopping online is a lot easier than comparing prices in the store aisle.  Shopping online you can avoid the retailer’s sneaky marketing tactics by putting the highest-priced options right at eye level by using the pricing filters to compare prices in seconds

#2- Stay Under Budget

In the store, it’s easy to go over budget by not tracking how much you are actually spending.  Online it’s easy to check how much your total purchase is going to cost by glancing in your online cart. 

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Cutting down on impulse shopping is hands down the number one reason that you can save money on groceries.   Since you’re not walking around the store yourself checking out everything they have to offer, especially if you have kids sneaking things in your shopping cart.  You can easily shop for exactly what’s on your list and nothing more so you’re not wasting money on things you don’t need.

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    All good tips! I pretty much do the same each month, as best as I can. 😁

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