Rich vs Poor Mindset

You have the ability to do amazing things, but first, you must have the right mindset. Without dreams, vision, and purpose, life will serve you a platter on which you can barely survive on. In order to thrive, you must prepare your own platter and commit yourself to keep it full.

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Why Do The Poor Stay Poor?

Maybe you are rich. Maybe you are poor. Maybe you have experienced being both. Being rich isn’t all about money. You can have financially poor people who are rich and people who would be considered financially rich who can be poor. Let me first say that being poor is a mindset.

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Don’t Buy Stuff that You Can’t Afford

Do you get frustrated when doing your budget because the numbers don’t up? In America and in many other countries across the world, people are obsessed with materialism. Not only do we want all the stuff, we silently compete with each other to try and have the best, biggest and most stuff possible.

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